If we need a way out of our problem there is only one way and His name is Jesus! Jesus is a way when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see…because He will make a way just for me!” If we need healing for our body today……we look to Jesus because He is the way to our Healing! “Jesus took all our infirmities and bore all our sicknesses on the cross and by the stripes He bore on His body we were healed.” (1 Peter 2:24)

The only time Jesus couldn’t heal people was in His own home town and He marvelled because of their unbelief or their lack of Faith. (Mark 6:6)


Jesus wants to meet all our needs today and all we have to do is ask and it will be given, seek and we will find, and if we knock the Bible says it will be open to us. There is always a way for us. There is always a solution for us. There is always hope for us! There is always a way when we can’t see a way and His name is Jesus.


Let’s be encouraged. At any time or at any moment we have the power to say “I see this problem, I see the situation I’m in but this is not how my story is going to end, because I know Jesus and I have Faith…….He is THE WAY!”





Our Purpose

To advance the kingdom of God by preaching and mentoring the good news, empowering and releasing people into their God ordained destiny.



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God gives seed to the sower so we can plant into His Good Ground and know we will receive an abundant Harvest.

Never give by Man’s request but by the Leading if the Holy Spirit. We get to plant but God causes our seed to Supernaturally increase.

Luke 6:38 God says “Give and it will be given unto you. Good measure.” I believe and know P4V is God ground. Our heart is that you would walk in good health and prosper even as your soul prospers. As a Prosperous Man of God, and Pastor called by God for the time, I declare an anointing over your seed to prosper and bring forth a mighty harvest larger than you could imagine. You will increase more and more you and your family. That is a promise of God!

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