One word from our Father God in the morning can change our whole day. One word from God can fill us with hope and excitement about life….however the enemy know this so he tries to attack us with negative thoughts! He knows negative thoughts will take us down the road of worry and depression and by noon we wonder why we are having such a yucky day. We got caught in the devil’s trap!

We must stay filled with Faith and hope if we are going to have a good day! We need to feed our mind first thing in the morning especially, with strong positive thoughts of Victory and encouragement so we won’t go down that road of defeat! Remember our emotions follow our most dominant thoughts so we have to be diligent to forbid negative hopeless thoughts to invade our thinking. We must refuse to let the enemy gain a foothold by causing us to get bitter, or upset….instead we choose to think on the good things, the lovely things and the things of a good report.

We can encourage ourselves. It’s in our power to do so. Our Father God loves us and doesn’t want us to waste one single day ‘down in the dumps’ but it will be our decision! Let’s stir up our Faith and declare that “God has a great day ahead for me, and nothing the devil can do is going to steal my joy!” Praying for you and your families, love Julie! TODAY FAITH MATTERS!




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To advance the kingdom of God by preaching and mentoring the good news, empowering and releasing people into their God ordained destiny.



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God gives seed to the sower so we can plant into His Good Ground and know we will receive an abundant Harvest.

Never give by Man’s request but by the Leading if the Holy Spirit. We get to plant but God causes our seed to Supernaturally increase.

Luke 6:38 God says “Give and it will be given unto you. Good measure.” I believe and know P4V is God ground. Our heart is that you would walk in good health and prosper even as your soul prospers. As a Prosperous Man of God, and Pastor called by God for the time, I declare an anointing over your seed to prosper and bring forth a mighty harvest larger than you could imagine. You will increase more and more you and your family. That is a promise of God!

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